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Dog Crate Beds/Covers

Find the perfect fitted Dog Crate Bed/Cover for your fur baby, so that they can benefit from a comfortable nights sleep, or just a simple bit of napping. Shop Around! Ships Free!
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Padding For Your Pooch

Many dogs spend a large portion of their time in their crate while their owners are off at work or just out and about. We all want to keep our fury four-legged pals comfy while they’re in their crates, which makes a quality Dog Crate Bed/Cover essential!
When picking out the perfect Dog Crate Bed/Cover make sure to take in all of these different factors. Naturally you’ll want a Dog Crate Bed/Cover that fits the size of your canine’s crate. Make sure to take all the right measures of the crate, and double check the measurements of the Dog bed you’re considering buying.
Durability is an important factor for dogs that chew up everything, you will need something tough enough to stand up to those sharp teeth and paws. Look for Dog Crate Bed/Cover that have tear-resistant features. If your pooch suffers separation anxiety these dogs can to be destructive when left alone, Poor things!! The thickness is important too, Since your dog will likely be spending a lot of time on their bed, you’ll want to make sure their Dog bed is substantially stuffed. Appropriate stuffing or inches of padding really depends on your dog’s size – bigger dogs need more support. Look for beds with several inches of cushioning. This will be specially important for older dogs with arthritic issues, as they’ll need a really cozy Dog Crate Bed/Cover
to prevent their joint issues from getting worse. So take it from us, be realistic spend a little more on one purchase, or you will have the problem of having to buy 2 or 3 cheaper ones only to realize you should have went with the best in the first place!!