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Dog Booster Seats!

Our Dog Booster Seats will keep your dog safe, comfortable and happy on your travels. With a view fit for a King/Queen your dog is sure to be kept happy on their journey.

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They are designed to securely install your pup in your car, protecting them from sudden stops, minor traffic accidents, and you from distracted driving.

Most Dog Booster Seats are secured using included straps that lasso around the headrest and/or secure your pet with a harness attached to the seat-belt.

One of our favorites things to do is strap our small fury friends into our Dog Booster Seat and head out on a fun filled trip. These seats are a great solution for dogs weighing up to 30 lbs. They are designed to keep your pet secure, comfortably seated in place, preventing distracted driving.

Many dog owners say that using a Dog Booster Seat has helped skittish dogs become comfortable with car rides, while also protecting their car seat fabric from claw marks. Yayy who doesn't like that!!

Another benefit is that the Dog Booster Seat can elevate a small dog enough that they can look out the window- and we all know how much dogs enjoy looking out windows during long drives.