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Stretch out those long legs and get those nails ready, game set, and scratch. Ships Free, Shop Today!!
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Scratching is one of the top behaviors that’s responsible for getting thousands of cats in shelters each year. It can be really frustrating and expensive to live with a cat that won’t stop scratching the side of a new couch or has gouged chunks out of the leg of your dining room table. The best way to solve a cat’s behavior problem– including inappropriate scratching. Is to provide her with a more appropriate way to do it like on a Cat Scratchers/Post. Scratching is an instinctual habit that provides many benefits to your cat’s health. Scratching on these posts helps your cat loose layers from her claws which is a good thing. Removing those dead layers is a key part of keeping her claws healthy, sharp, and ready for action. A tall or short Cat Scratcher/Post will help your cat stretch her whole body(who doesn't like that) as well as the paws. Stretching helps your cat keep her muscles in tip-top shape so she’s ready to bound and leap at a moment’s notice even after a very long nap.
Digging her claws into the right Cat Scratcher/Post kind of fiber is very satisfying thing for a cat. That, mixed with the stretching and exercise can help keep your cat emotionally healthy and happy fur ever. We have plenty of different styles to choose from. Happy Scratching!!