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So you need to get your Cat from here to there, what better way to do it than in style, or on an approved airline Cat Carrier. We have them all here. Shop Today!!
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When choosing a Cat Carrier, it’s important to get one that’s the right size for your cat. If its a kitten, you can either buy a small Cat Carrier now and a larger one when they are fully grown, or just buy one they'll grow into. There is no harm in saving some money too!

The average adult cat weighs 9 to 12 pounds, with females on the lower end of that weight. A cat should feel safe and secure in their Cat Carrier, but not so confined that they can barely move. There should be at least enough room for them to turn around, even if they can’t fully stand up.

The Cat Carrier size also depends on how you plan to use it. If you ever plan to travel by air with your cat, airlines have specific guidelines for Cat Carrier size and the height it must be in order to fit beneath your seat. If you’re taking your cat on a long road trip in the car, a slightly roomier Cat Carrier is better so the cat can occasionally stand up and stretch his legs. If you just want a Cat Carrier for trips to the vet, you can be more flexible on the size and type of Cat Carrier you get. Its up to you but have fun shopping for your ideal Cat Carrier we are sure you will find one here!